Managing the personal impact of change

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Managing the personal impact of change

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development published results from a survey last October which indicated a rise in stress-related absence over the previous year in 35% of employers across all sectors, and that stress was the main cause of persistently high levels of long-term public sector absence (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, 2010). The authors commented that organisational change and restructuring was cited more commonly by public sector employers than those in other sectors as a major cause of stress, and suggested that this ‘will only increase in the near future as a consequence of the recent comprehensive spending review’.

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  1. Vivienne GILL 3rd June 2011 at 1:22 pm - Reply

    There was an article last week in the “Observateur” a weekly magazine In France based on stress at work and imterestingly they brought up the idea that the multiplication of processes and reporting in the work place at all levels had overtaken the importance of people…and the trust that the management had in thier teams in terms of creativity, reliability and efficiency. One of the articles in the was actually entitles “Faites confiance à vos salariés”. ie Trust your workforce….processes are necessary but its human beings that have to make them work by adapting them to real life situations…if we can’t adapt them there will be a growing frustration within the workforce that they are a “number” rather than an individual….

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